Thien Nam Subsea Service Jsc

Thien Nam Subsea 01 has contained the surface supply air diving system (include: 3 Diver HP/LP air control panel; CCTV system; Diving air Bank; Surface Diving umbilical – 150 m; Air diving compressor MCH26; etc.). Operative range of the vessel is about 20 miles from seaside.

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One IMCA Diving station is included 02 container, which are contained the necessary diving equipments to carry out work, such as: Control panel; CCTV; Decompression diving chamber (DDC); Air diving supply, and other necessary equipments.

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LARS system is used to support lifting divers during carry out the diving works

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Bathycorrometers are used for polarisation, corrosion and interaction surveys, in particular as part of the commissioning check or inspection of production and drilling platforms, underwater pipelines, ships hulls, jetties, piers and other marine works.

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Thien Nam Subsea Services Joint Stock Company (TNS) is one of the most prestigious companies that specializes in providing diving services in Vietnam. We have many Diving supervisor, Data recorder, Diving inspector and Diver. Who was trained in prestigious vocational school as Petrovietnam Manpower Training College (PVMTC), trained and certificate... Read more